& Environmental Policy

Sustainable Use of the Outdoor Environment

Staff & customers must:

1. Exercise care and concern for the environment.

2. Avoid using sites, when requested by Land Managers, due to environmental concerns.

3. Monitor locations used for environmental damage.

4. Consider modifying the use of the locations so as to reduce damage.

5. Consider assisting with the repair or maintenance of sites, especially if their work has significantly contributed to that damage.

In addition those who use of the outdoors for study must:

6. Follow good practice for field study activities (see National Association of Field Studies Officers publication: ‘Quality, Safety and Sustainability’ –

Avoiding Conflict with the local community

Staff & customers must:

1. Respect the interests of others, especially those who live, work, manage or carry out their recreation in the environment of our work.

2. Comply with bylaws and access agreements.

3. Liaise with landowners, local communities and other organisations over any activities, which may affect them, the land over which they have control, or an interest in.

4. Be sensitive to the potential and actual impact of their operation on an area.

5. Follow the countryside code.

Educate participants about the natural environment and local area

Pied A Terre Adventures will:

1. Promote awareness and respect for the natural environment.

2. Encourage greater understanding of the natural world and the cultural setting of the surroundings.

3. Educate participants as to the appropriate way to enjoy, explore, move or live in the countryside.

4. Encourage groups to take action for the Environment.

Conserving Global resources

Staff & customers should consider:

1. Reducing their use of global resources.

2. Recycling waste products.

3. Using materials from sustainable sources and recycled materials.

4. Using environmentally efficient equipment