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Our ‘Skills Pathway’ maps the journey from an introductory course all the way through to an advanced course and helps you choose ‘which course is right for me’. This is inclusive of all skill levels and shows the room for you to develop within the products we offer.


I am just at the start of my outdoors journey and would like to feel more confident venturing into the countryside – which course would be best?

Our Hills Skills course is your key to getting started in lowland and hillwalking. Aimed at beginners, this course from Mountain Training requires no previous walking experience. Our Open the Map course is also a fantastic one day introduction to map reading and is perfectly setup for beginners.

Our Open the Map course is a fantastic one day introduction to map reading and is ideal for beginners. Our NNAS Bronze Award will also provide you with a similar introduction to map reading, with the opportunity to earn a nationally recognised award at the end of the weekend.

Our NNAS Straight to Silver course would be fantastic. During the three day course, you’ll cover both the NNAS Bronze and Silver content, offering both a fantastic refresher and crash course and the chance to earn the nationally recognised NNAS Silver award.

We have a number of courses that would help you. Our Mountain Skills course is perfectly setup to develop those all-important skills and develop confidence in exploring the mountains. Our NNAS Gold Award is also an option if you already have navigation qualifications, giving you the opportunity to learn advanced navigation techniques in the mountains and really push those boundaries.

We certainly do, we are proud to offer NNAS Bronze, Silver and Gold awards and have 12+ years of experience in delivering these successfully. Please use the ‘contact us’ function to get in touch so we can assist you further.