Sussex Social


Invite prospective clients, business partners , or meet like-minded individuals on these dedicated Sussex Social Netwalking expeditions.

This unique collaboration between Pied A Terre Adventures and ByJove Media aims to revolutionise the way we network for business, by embracing the advantages of walking and talking. Discover these unique treks that combine the numerous health and wellbeing benefits of spending time in the great outdoors, with the opportunity to forge strong relationships and develop ideas.

Netwalking events are scheduled once a month on various weekdays, ensuring maximum flexibility, and take place at different locations, adding variety to your experience. Some of our scheduled walks also incorporate Mindful Walking, a practice that fosters perspective, clarity, and balance for both mind and body, promoting mental and physical wellbeing by connecting ourselves to the world around us.

By joining our dynamic group, you’ll not only reap the health benefits of our walking events but also enhance your professional growth. All you need are sturdy boots, a drink, and an ample supply of business cards! Under the guidance of our expert leaders, you’ll explore delightful countryside trails, enjoy a healthy snack, and have the opportunity to learn from the field experts who join us on our walks.

There’s no need to justify this professional venture, as this innovative approach to networking promotes good health, nurtures creativity, sparks ideas, and inspires innovative solutions. So why not escape the confines of your office for this refreshing opportunity to explore the stunning countryside in West Sussex?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss these opportunities in more detail and we would be delighted to share our knowledge and passion for this stunning area with you.


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